Hot Ice- playing live at the Red Beret main bar

Hot Ice- playing live at the Red Beret main bar - Saturday Dec 2nd 2017

If you are out on the town looking for some real honest, down home music that caters for both the young, the not so young, and for those wanting to either listen or dance, then look no further than Hot Ice. These guys have been around for quite some time honing their skills both as individuals and as a band. They bring songs that you know and love to sing along to, songs that you will love to dance to with a quality that only comes with experience . No sequencing or miming here. Hot Ice have played many different shows together and it is evident in their performance.
Hot Ice have the ability to cater for the early part of the night when people are still settling in, having dinner and getting aquatinted right through to rocking out the night delivering a sound that can only be described as well oiled quality. They are just as comfortable playing to fifty people as they are to playing to a few thousand in a concert venue. They have many corporate functions under their belt, so know the delicate nature of communication and understanding that comes with that. 

From 8pm in the main bar


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