The Brazilians: A close shave with Rock N Roll

The Brazilians: A close shave with Rock N Roll - Saturday May 26th 2018

From 8pm, LIVE in the main bar:

The Brazilians were borne in the Gordonvale pubs nestled amongst the Mulgrave Delta cane fields of deep far north Queensland. The band got their start playing loud and proud, competing against the industrial din of the Gordonvale sugar mill pumping 24/7. The Brazilians honed their act playing to friends, fans and the colourful characters that inhabit their sugar town home. Now poised to give the world a close shave with rock’n’roll, the dual guitar attack of Macalpine and Williams has been turning heads wherever they play.

The Brazilians serve up their own sonic gumbo of styles that has been dubbed “Northern Delta Rock”.  Featuring Todd Macalpine on Guitar & vocals (Blues Heelers, King Snakes, TBNT, and producer of countless albums), Steff V on bass (Fringe Benefits), Jeff “Crippsy” Cripps on drums (Ol 55, studio legend and award winning producer) and the young gun Callum “Frullet” Williams (He’s single ladies!). The Brazilians features 3 of North QLD’s most experienced musicians and some fresh blood having the time of their lives laying down some killer Rock’n’Roll the way it is supposed to be played..

The Brazilians name comes from the original lineup which featured Mark Burke on bass, someone was heard in the audience to comment about Macalpine and Burkes folicle challenged heads “Those bald C#nts kick arse!” and the Brazilians were born.


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