The Kroovs, LIVE

The Kroovs, LIVE - Saturday Mar 31st 2018

From 8pm, LIVE in the main bar...
The Kroovs were forged in the hot, sweaty pits of Port Douglas melting in a veritable crucible of passion and desire to make sweet, sweet music to ensnare the senses and bewitch the mind.

The Kroovs are a Port Douglas based duo act featuring Seamus Lunt and Stacey Brown. Founded in 2014 after spending almost 12 months playing hundreds of shows and festivals with a folk band, The Kroovs are bound... to get your feet moving and delight your ears with high energy guitar, piano, violin, mandolin, flute and percussion.

Using comedy and anecdotes, The Kroovs connect with audiences in a way to make them feel comfortable and involved in the whole show. Covering a variety of genres from folk, rock and blues to pop, jazz and all the way east to gypsy drinking songs.

If you get a chance, come say hello and have a drink with the Kroovs.

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